Planning & Design

The team

The project team comprises several experienced and respected professionals and technical experts including: 

  • Locus (developers)
  • Hames Sharley (architects)
  • Urbis (town planning)
  • Creating Communities (community engagement)
  • Additional technical experts will provide advice on the design of the development as it progresses, Including landscape architects, traffic engineers, waste management consultants and acoustic consultants.

The project team are committed to working collaboratively with the Fremantle City Council, the State Government, local stakeholders, businesses and residents as planning and design progresses.

The planning process

Locus and their project team are now investigating how development of this strategically located site may be undertaken, but any planning and building design will need to be developed and will be informed by the community engagement process.

There are many stages that need to be followed before any development can occur.  These Include:

  • 1. Engagement with local residents, stakeholders and community to inform the design for the site.
  • 2. Development of planning drawings and proposed design.
  • 3. Lodging the Development Application with City of Fremantle and obtaining planning approval.
  • 4. Finalisation of detailed design and lodgement of application for a building permit.
  • 5. Site works and construction (subject to relevant approvals).
  • 6. Development completion.
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