Frequently asked questions

Where is the site?

The site is located at 30-32 Amherst and 2-4 Stack Street, Fremantle.


Who owns the site?

Locus is the owner of the site and is a boutique property group that focuses on projects that enhance West Australian living. Locus undertakes residential projects that embody the best of lifestyle and landscape, delivering highly successful projects across WA. The project team are committed to working collaboratively with City of Fremantle, local stakeholders and residents as we progress our planning.


Why is Locus seeking to revitalise the site?

Locus recognizes the significant qualities of the locale and the potential to revitalise long dormant vacant land and revitalise it as thriving residential community that captures the unique qualities of the “Freo” lifestyle. Locus believes the project will be a “great neighbour” adding vitality and substance to the Knutsford precinct.


What is the Knutsford precinct?

Knutsford Street East is a redevelopment precinct within Fremantle. Situated approximately 1.5km from the heart of the port city, it is a 23-hectare former industrial area bounded by Stevens Reserve (Swanbourne Street) and Booyeembara Park (Montreal Street). The precinct includes predominantly residential dwellings, offering a range of housing types and styles, new public open spaces and amenities linking it to the existing Fremantle community.


Who is planning the revitalisation for the site?

The project team comprises several experienced and respected professionals and technical experts including:

  • Locus (developer)
  • Hames Sharley (architects)
  • Urbis (town planning)
  • Plan E (landscape)
  • Creating Communities (community engagement)
  • Cundall (sustainability)
  • Transcore (transport)
  • Talis (environment and waste)


Has the site got bigger?

Locus have recently acquired additional land at 30-32 Amherst Street, increasing the site area to 14,036 sqm. The additional land allows the opportunity to re-design for greater residential diversity, with a mix of 1 & 2 bed apartments and 3 & 4 bedroom townhouses anticipated.



What is the proposed planning process for this site?

The project team are preparing a new Development Application to take into account the enlarged site. This allows the opportunity to “go back to the drawing board” and prepare a new design that delivers a high-quality residential precinct that responds to the needs and aspirations of the community.


Any concept designs for any future development will be referred to a City of Fremantle Design Review Panel, who will review what is proposed over a series of meetings. If a Development Application (DA) is made, it will be submitted to the relevant authorities for their consideration.


How would the planning process consider traffic and car parking?

The management of vehicular access and car parking on site will be a high priority for the planning process. The planning will be informed by a comprehensive transport statement undertaken by traffic engineers Transcore. Access to and from the site would be managed to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding residential streets.


Do you have designs ready to present to us?

We have done some preliminary modelling to work out what would be viable for the revitalisation of the site, but any planning and building design will need to be developed and will be informed by the community engagement process.


Designs for the development will not be finalised until after the engagement process. The project team are committed to developing a project that meets the needs and aspirations of the local community. The feedback, ideas, and vision developed through the engagement process will inform any designs for the site to ensure the outcome meets the aspirations of the local people.


What uses are being considered for the site?

In keeping with the current planning framework, it will be a predominantly residential precinct which will provide residential accommodation with flexible uses. Planning for these elements will be informed by our engagement with stakeholders and the community.


What are some of the proposed features of the redevelopment of the site?

The project will seek to provide:

  • High-quality built form townhouse and apartment designs that respond to the local context, while considering the future needs of the community.
  • Residential accommodation that provides additional residents to a long-underutilised area.
  • Housing designed for people seeking affordability in the Fremantle area.
  • Activation of the streetscape to bring more life to the area.


What is the proposed engagement process?

Community “Listening” workshops have been held to inform the design principles, review the planning framework and guide the planning and design for the site. The consultant team is now finalising the development application, which will be submitted for approval in the coming months.


How will the environment be considered in the planning?

This will be discussed as part of the engagement and planning approval process. Locus is committed to developing a project that integrates sympathetically with the surrounding environment and is designed with genuine environmental design principles in mind.


Will there be a focus on sustainability?

It is the intent of the design team to establish a highly sustainable development that reduces environmental impacts. The design and layout of the site will focus on providing easy access for sustainable transport options including a pleasant pedestrian environment. Additionally, recharging stations for electric vehicles will be provided. Building treatments and orientation will seek to optimise solar access and reduce heat impacts to shared and communal areas.



As a member of the local community, we want to know what you think. To register your interest in being involved in community engagement activities and to find out more about the project or the community engagement process, please visit the project website. Registrations are essential to be involved in engagement activities.

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