Street Gallery Fremantle Project

The Street Gallery Fremantle Project is an ongoing exhibition series that sees shopfronts converted to beautiful galleries. Artsource, a WA arts network and membership organisation, and the City of Fremantle have partnered to create attractive spaces showcasing Fremantle’s local creatives.

The street gallery (SG) series is located in unoccupied store fronts in Fremantle’s downtown with locations changing regularly.

Current exhibiting artists include Helen Majewski, Debra Ann Perkins, Ian De Souza, Dung-Chuan Wen, Ginette Hillman.

Past exhibitors: Banyji Cheedy and Mary Watson, represented by Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation; Ian de Souza, Jo Gray, Michael Knight, Alessandra Rossi, Carissa Wu, Libby Peacock, Greg Barr, Anne Marie McCaughey, Dr Audrey Fernandez-Satar and Arif Satar, Bori Benko, Sheree Dornan, Penny Bovell, Gabby Howlett, Charmaine Ball, Jo Darvall and Kevin Richardson.

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